How footballers will respond to racism and homophobia in the game

The Australian Rules Football Association (ARFA) is set to announce it will ban the wearing of headscarves in the national competition next season, following the fatal shooting of two black football players by police.

The players have been identified as 20-year-old Josh Murphy and 22-year‑old Jacob Taylor.

The Australian Football League has been accused of racism and misogyny in recent years, with the league being rocked by racist and homophobic abuse.

AAP:Associated Press 5 In April, one of the ARFA’s two members, former WA Premier Mike Rann, was found guilty of misconduct in public office and jailed for four months.

He was found to have directed abusive remarks to a member of the public and a group of people, while also threatening to use violence against them.

Rann’s conviction was overturned on appeal.

AAP:AP 6 In March, a NSW coroner said that the state’s new law banning the wearing or displaying of headgear in public spaces had not been adequately investigated.

It came after the Australian Football Association had previously been accused by the coroner of racial discrimination.

AP:ABC News/Reuters 7 In November, the NSW Supreme Court found the ARFAC’s Chief Executive officer and CEO, Andrew Fagan, guilty of making racially discriminatory comments about black footballers in a media interview.

Fagan said the comments were made in response to a reporter’s question about whether or not the club was a “black club”.

The court also found that Fagan’s comments were “grossly offensive and racially abusive” in their tone and tone of voice.

The ARFACT has since announced that it would suspend Fagan from his position pending an investigation into the incident.