A quick look at what to expect from next month’s update, with Polygon’s top picks

Polygon is pleased to announce our October 2016 edition.

We’ll have all the latest news, trailers, and more on this page over the next few days, but in the meantime, here are the highlights: 1.

Battlefield 1 and 2 have finally launched, and we’ve got a few more details on them as well.

You can check out our review here, and be sure to catch up on the news of this month on our Battlefield 1 wiki.


The Battlefield 1 beta will launch on October 22, while the Battlefield 2 beta will open on October 29.


EA is rolling out the new EA Access plan, which lets you play EA games on your phone, tablet, and PC.

This includes Battlefield 1, and the first three EA games (Need for Speed: Most Wanted, FIFA 15, and Plants vs. Zombies).


The first two weeks of The Sims 4 Beta 1 are here, including some new content.

You’ll find more details here.


The next big Battlefield update is Battlefield 1: Ultimate, which is coming on October 21.

The full game will be out on November 5, but EA is releasing new beta test versions of some content to test players.


EA’s The Sims 3 will be available to play in-store, starting tomorrow.


EA has announced the release of a new EA-designed game that will be coming to consoles and PC this holiday.

It will be called The Sims: Digital Deluxe Edition.


The biggest Battlefield update since launch is Battlefield 3: Premium, which will be released tomorrow.


EA released a bunch of new content for Battlefield 4.

You should check out all the details here and be on the lookout for more.


You might want to update your FIFA 17 settings to match the new Battlefield 1 game you’re playing.

This is an important change.

We’re currently testing it for the first time with some EA-created content, and you’ll find all the relevant details on our FIFA 17 wiki.


You may want to check out the best free game bundles, which are available to download from the App Store or Google Play.

The best deals on FIFA 16, Madden 17, NBA 2K17, and many other games.


You’ve got Battlefield 1 Beta 2, which you can play right now, on September 23.

There will be two versions of the game, Battlefield 1 Premium and Battlefield 1.

There’s also Battlefield 1 Ultimate, a premium version of Battlefield 1 released today.


EA says that Battlefield 1 will be free for EA Access members, but there’s still no pricing information.

It’s likely that this is a beta test of Battlefield 4, and not a full release.


EA also has a Battlefield 1 patch that will bring new content to the game.

It includes new maps and gameplay, a new vehicle, and a new weapon.


EA wants to make sure you get Battlefield 1 in a big way.

You won’t find any in-game achievements, but you will find a new leaderboard for multiplayer matches, as well as a new mode called “Matchmaker.”


EA and EA Access are rolling out new Battlefield games on October 27.

There are Battlefield 1 premium versions coming out this month, and another Battlefield 1 bundle coming out next week.


We’ve been getting some great news about the upcoming FIFA 17 update.

The FIFA 17 beta is coming to iOS devices this month.

We haven’t seen it in action yet, but we’re hoping it’ll be the best version yet.


EA recently released Battlefield 1 on Mac and PC, so it’s likely to be an open-world game, too.


FIFA 16 is a free-to-play game that’s coming to PC, Mac, and Xbox One.


EA Access will be adding the Madden 17 beta this month as well, but it’s unknown if this will be a full version of the Madden game.


EA Games is still adding Battlefield 1 content, so we’re keeping an eye out for Battlefield 2 and FIFA 17.


The EA Access Pass for Battlefield 1 is getting a big update this month and will cost $25 a month.

EA said that EA Access passes will be on sale through December 20, and they’re available at participating retailers.