What’s next in Microsoft’s cyber-attack on Microsoft?

Microsoft has released details of a cyber-operation that targeted the software giant’s network systems in the United States.

The hack, codenamed “Blackhole,” was carried out on February 26th and targeted Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system, the latest version of the company’s operating system.

The attack was carried on a massive scale, affecting at least 1.6 billion computers.

In the last six months, Microsoft has said it has detected and shut down around one million malware infections, which it said is the equivalent of around 80 percent of all the malicious files that Microsoft has ever been able to detect.

According to Microsoft, the company has shut down over 700,000 malware infections and is currently on track to shut down 1.7 billion malicious files.

It is not clear how many infections were caused by malware downloaded from the dark web.

In response to the attack, Microsoft is asking anyone who may have downloaded malware from the “dark web” to “immediately contact Microsoft by email or telephone to notify them of your experience.”