‘Huge’ earthquake rocks the region: report

An earthquake has hit a remote northern New South Wales town, sending out rocks that were “huge” and damaging property.

Key points:The town of Fenshaugh has seen a number of small earthquakes over the yearsFenshough is about 200 kilometres east of SydneyA small quake that shook the town early this morning sent rocks out of the town, injuring a man and sending rocks flying out of a shed and across a streetThe quake was felt at about 6.30am local time (1130 GMT)The town was still cordoned off and the town’s fire service declared an “active earthquake” as it rushed to a site in the town of Flinders, about 200km east of the city of Sydney.

“The town has experienced numerous small earthquakes in recent years and has experienced the most recent one this morning,” Fire and Emergency Services NSW said in a statement.

“As a result, we have declared an active earthquake.”

The earthquake was felt in Flinders and at Fensheaugh, the town in central New South Walsham.

“There was a very large magnitude 6.3 and it was a lot more than normal, but it was certainly not something that was going to have a significant impact,” Fenshee resident Chris O’Leary told the ABC.

“I was in bed on my back and just trying to stay awake, but obviously the shockwaves were big and it did shake the house.”

It was really scary.”‘

Weirdly loud’The city of Fliers in the South Australian town of Wodonga also reported earthquakes.”

We’ve been through a lot of earthquakes, it’s quite weirdly loud,” resident Steve Goll said.”

Our whole house shook, the window was rattling and the windows were banging around, so it’s not really reassuring that it was just a minor earthquake.

“What’s weird is that it’s a small town so there’s a lot to be worried about.”

Hopefully it won’t be a major earthquake that’s going to affect the rest of the region.

“Fensheough resident and retired firefighter Steve Gondal said the earthquake was “just weird”.”

It’s definitely been a bit of a bit-of-a shock, but you’ve got to be careful and watch your house,” he said.

A small earthquake in the remote region of Fershaugh caused damage to a house, which caused a “huge shockwave” to shake the town.

A large earthquake also shook Fenshea, about 100 kilometres east.

Fenshee Fire and Rescue Service said the quake was a “small magnitude 6″ and was felt about 6:30am.”

Luckily the house was able to get out of there,” a spokesperson for the fire service said.

The Fenshiys are about 200 miles (322km) east of Brisbane.

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