Why does this alleycode look like a city street?

Posted February 09, 2019 04:37:51 A new code in the area of St. Clair Avenue and Ontario Street is being criticized for looking like a “city street.”

It was first spotted on Wednesday by a user on Reddit and then shared on social media by user A.M.A. The code looks like the word “Street” or a city road.

But it’s not.

It’s code for alley, which can be found anywhere in Canada.

So why does the code look like that?

According to the Reddit user who posted the post, the code is just an approximation.

“The alley code is not street code, but it looks like it,” he wrote.

“It’s just a way to help me identify a street when I’m trying to decipher the code.”

The Reddit user said he saw the code as a “slightly amusing, but still very effective” way to distinguish street from alley.

“I’m sure it’s only temporary,” he added.


M, a Toronto resident, also said he noticed the code was an “overly obvious, but harmless” code.

“It’s not really a code at all,” he said.

“Its just an overlay of some letters and numbers.”

A Reddit user with the name A. M. A. said he had noticed the same code appeared on his own street.

“It was so obvious, I just started digging,” he told CBC News.

The Reddit user explained he started using his own computer to dig around the code and found a few “interesting” clues.

He posted on Reddit that it appeared that there were “a few different entrances to the alley,” but that he “couldnt find any information on them.”

“They had the letter ‘O,’ which I assumed was a way of saying ‘street,’ but that they couldn’t find any info on that either,” he explained.

He added that a “few other codes” appeared on the street, but didn’t know what they meant.

“They also gave a very vague, general description of the street that they didn’t explain very much,” he noted.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday, A.T.

A said it was aware of the code but couldn’t confirm its authenticity.

An A. T.

A spokesperson told CBC Toronto it has received complaints about the code.

While the code may look like street code to some, A T. A., the agency that runs St. Claire and Ontario streets, said it’s a more accurate and consistent code.

“This is a code that is based on the intersection of the Ave.

du Nord with St. Lawrence and the St. Regis,” A T A. spokesperson wrote in an email.

“The intersection is located at St. Louis and St. Charles.”

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