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A hacker who used the name “Sebastian” on Pastebin on Wednesday posted a video on YouTube showing him doing the task, which he described as “easy and painless”.

“I was able to get a working copy of my app and get a new email address and password on a few occasions,” he said.

“This is a good thing.

I don’t expect much out of this and I would have liked to get the email address from the website, but the process was easy and painlessly.”

‘I was lucky’ He said the process could have been more complicated and he had to “play around” with some other settings.

“I’ve seen people do things like this, but I was lucky,” he added.

“For this project, it was very easy to find a working version of the app I wanted to try out.

I could have just bought the app from Google Play.”

Hacker News users have also praised Sebastian for his work, calling it “one of the most badass apps I’ve ever seen”.

“This project was a real joy,” wrote one user, who goes by the username rt_x, “The app has a pretty good UI, and I really liked the app design and feel.”