How to fix Firefox on Windows 10

Microsoft has rolled out a new update for Windows 10, and one of the updates is to fix some problems with the browser’s built-in search functionality.

The update is available in the Windows Store and on the Microsoft Edge browser for PCs running Windows 10.

The new update includes several fixes, including:• Search in the search bar now returns results in a tab bar rather than the main search window• Fixed issues with the Firefox UI when using a keyboard that has multiple buttonsThe update comes a day after Microsoft announced the update, which brings some of the improvements that have been reported in the past, but also some new problems.

Microsoft Edge was the first major update to the browser to add search support.

It also introduced a new tab and keyboard, and a new search option for the default browser.

While the improvements are welcome, Microsoft Edge was also the first browser to suffer a number of issues that were caused by the update.

Microsoft’s security team has since fixed these problems.

The latest update is likely to help Microsoft Edge solve some of those issues.

Microsoft is rolling out the update to Windows 10 users across the US, Canada, and the UK on Thursday.

If you haven’t already, be sure to grab the latest update from Microsoft.