‘Wake Up’ is coming to Hulu in 2018

Welcome to the beginning of the new year, readers!

As 2017 came to a close, Hulu has announced that “Wake UP,” a show from the late, great Bill Murray, will be coming to the streaming service in 2018.

The show stars Murray as a high school student who is having a dream about waking up, only to find that his family has disappeared.

Murray is not alone in having his dream come true.

He also stars in “The Power of Two,” a Netflix original series that premiered in 2016.

“Wakes Up” is a short, funny, and touching story about a group of high schoolers who have to cope with a new school year and how it can change a person’s life forever.

“We were inspired by Murray’s work and how we want to show that kids can get their dreams realized,” Hulu says in a press release.

“And as you know, this is our first year on the streaming platform.

We hope to see more from Murray, more stories from other great creators, and we hope we can do better as we do our part to bring these characters to you.”

Murray’s “Waks Up” won the 2016 Hugo Award for Best Short Story.

Hulu, which was acquired by Time Warner last year, said in a statement that “Themes of social anxiety, resilience, and loss are explored in this show that explores the impact of the ‘Wakes’ season on the teens in our lives, and the unique challenges that are faced as a result.”

“Waking Up” will be available on Hulu for a limited time on January 12, 2018.

“The power of two,” a series that debuted in 2016, was a Netflix Original Series about a high-school group of students who have been stuck in the same class for months, and struggle to move on.

“You know, we were inspired, I think, by Murray and his work and hope to show people that kids are capable of making things happen,” Netflix President Ted Sarandos said in the release.

Netflix has not yet released a schedule for the show.