‘We can’t just be silent’: UK government says UK will respond to US missile strike in Syria

The UK government has promised to act on its threats to retaliate against US President Donald Trump’s missile strikes in Syria.

Speaking on Sunday, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said that the UK would retaliate against any missile attacks that target UK interests.

The White House announced on Sunday that it had carried out a strike in response to a chemical attack by Syrian government forces in the country’s northern Idlib province, but said it was targeting a military convoy and not a weapons depot.

The attack prompted a furious response from President Trump, who warned that Britain would be “very, very hard” to defeat.

The UK Foreign Office said that British forces would be ready to “respond in the strongest possible terms”.

“We have a responsibility to respond to any attack on our territory and we will do so, we will act in accordance with our legal obligations,” said Johnson.

Trump has called for the US to act against the Syrian regime.

“If they attack us, we are going to fight back,” he told reporters on Saturday.

“We’re going to take care of our allies, our partners.

We’re going not to let them have it.”