ABC News: Achor button malfunctions in a home

The ABC News Anchor, Craig Ferguson, is recovering in hospital following a serious fall while performing live on air.

He was performing live from the studios in Melbourne when a faulty anchor button malfunctioned.

“I got a call from the production manager.

I was sitting at the desk and I said ‘it’s time to go’.

The whole studio was shaking and shaking and it was a very intense scene. “

It was an emergency call and he was calling me right away to say ‘we can’t do this.’

The whole studio was shaking and shaking and it was a very intense scene.

There was a huge amount of screaming.

I was on the ground and I had my arm around Craig Ferguson.

I thought I had a broken arm.

The manager went up to him and said ‘what is going on?’

I told him that he was going to have to go to hospital because his hand was hurting.

It was a really, really scary moment.

We did get to see him on the way to hospital.

Craig Ferguson has a fracture to his elbow.

His arm is in a sling.

ABC News: How many hours did Craig Ferguson spend in hospital?

He spent around 10 hours in hospital.

Craig Ferguson had been injured in the fall and is currently receiving treatment in a Melbourne hospital.

The ABC News anchors have a long history of breaking things.

Last year, Craig had a fractured collarbone and was sent home from work.

After that, a broken finger forced Craig to miss a few weeks of work.

In January this year, he had a dislocated shoulder after a fall.

A day later, a damaged foot required him to leave the studio.

When the anchor suffered a broken ankle during a break, he was sent back to work.

The latest incident came just weeks after Craig was sent to hospital after he was injured by a fallen tree.

While he was in hospital, the ABC News website crashed and was left without news content.