How to write a great, catchy slogan

President Donald Trump is hoping that his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” can become a hit on the airwaves, but he’s got plenty of other ideas in mind.

The president is hoping the phrase, which translates to “Make Trump Great Again,” will resonate with voters, but his campaign hasn’t been able to find the right way to do it.

“I think the campaign is going to have to do a lot more with the messaging, which is what they’re doing,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters Monday, “but it’s not going to be easy.

The campaign is doing a lot of the messaging.

We’ve been talking about the phrase for a long time, but it’s a very long, complicated phrase, and it has a lot going on.”

The president’s campaign is using a phrase similar to the slogan, which has been in circulation for more than a century, according to the New York Times.

“MakeAmericaGreatAgain” was introduced by former President Bill Clinton in 2000.

It has also been used by Republicans for decades.

But the president’s team said it’s unclear how he’ll pull it off, even as they’ve started to promote it with the help of former Vice President Joe Biden and others.

“The slogan itself is pretty complex,” Sanders said.

“It’s a great slogan, but we’ve got a lot to do with the message.”

The campaign’s marketing guru, Robby Mook, told the Times, “The goal of the campaign was to create a rallying cry, and to create that rallying cry with a lot greater consistency and more consistent resonance than the slogan has in the past.”

Mook added, “That’s what we’re doing, is making sure the message is resonating, that people understand the message, that they’re not just going to get it from Twitter, but they’re going to hear it from their neighbors, their friends, their family members, and people in the communities where they live.”

The Trump campaign said in a statement that the campaign “continues to engage in the most robust media campaign in the history of presidential campaigns.”

But Trump’s team hasn’t offered any details about how it plans to get the slogan out.

The first step is to “create a better way to use the word,” Sanders told ABC News.

The next step, she added, is to create “more effective ways to communicate with the American people.”

It’s not clear if the campaign will take the president to task for using the phrase.

“We will never apologize for using a catchy slogan, whether it’s ‘Make America great again’ or ‘Make Trump great again,'” Sanders said, “and we will never take offense.

And we are always respectful of the fact that we’ve been using the word ‘Trump’ for a very, very long time.

We will not take offense to the president using the slogan.

He can use any phrase he wants.”

Sanders added, however, that the president has to get used to the use of the phrase in the first place.

“So I don’t think the slogan is going anywhere,” she said.