Canada’s Liberal government says it’s not stopping people from flying in Canada without a visa

AUSTRALIA’S Liberal government is standing by its decision to give temporary workers temporary residence status, even if they are already here.

But the Prime Minister’s Office said it is working to ensure that those who do come here without a work permit have access to legal protection for those issues.

“I want to reassure Canadians that we are taking all steps we can to ensure we provide for those who have been harmed and we are doing everything we can as we speak to ensure this does not happen again,” Minister for Citizenship and Immigration Andrew Leslie told reporters in Ottawa on Wednesday.

The Liberal government announced earlier this month it would provide permanent residency to those who apply for temporary work permits in their home country.

It said temporary workers are given a three-month period to return to Canada and apply for permanent residence.

But Leslie said the government will be enforcing the temporary worker program to ensure workers are able to apply for a work visa and have the right to stay in Canada.

“We are working with the Canadian consular authorities and the immigration minister to ensure these people have a safe and secure environment to come to Canada,” Leslie said.

The government has also asked foreign governments to issue temporary visas to all people who have worked for a company for at least a year without a working permit.