Why Amazon is trying to make the Kindle a bit cheaper

TechCrunch The Kindle is now a $199 device, but Amazon is hoping to make it less of a bargain by lowering the price to $199.

The Kindle, which debuted back in 2009, is still one of the best selling e-readers in the world, according to e-tailer Barnes & Noble.

Amazon is aiming to lower the price by about half, but the company isn’t releasing the price until the end of the year.

Amazon’s announcement comes just days after Amazon announced its plan to reduce its retail prices.

The move comes just weeks after the company announced its plans to reduce the price of the Kindle by half, which includes a price cut of 25 percent for the Kindle Paperwhite.

Amazon said in a press release that the move will help to help its Kindle business, which is expected to grow from $6.6 billion in sales in the first quarter of 2018 to $7.2 billion by 2021.

It also includes a 20 percent reduction in the price per unit of the Paperwhite tablet.

Amazon announced the price cuts in an earnings call.

The announcement comes amid a strong e-commerce market.

The e-book and music retailer said last week that it expects to bring in $8 billion in new revenue in 2018.

The company said that its e-books and music business has seen strong growth in recent years, and it’s also a growing portion of its overall sales.

Amazon, which also sells its own books and other titles, has long said that it will lower the prices of e-reader devices when it does a sale.

Earlier this month, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said that his company will reduce the prices on e-reading devices “at the very end of this year.”