ABC News: Achor button malfunctions in a home

The ABC News Anchor, Craig Ferguson, is recovering in hospital following a serious fall while performing live on air.

He was performing live from the studios in Melbourne when a faulty anchor button malfunctioned.

“I got a call from the production manager.

I was sitting at the desk and I said ‘it’s time to go’.

The whole studio was shaking and shaking and it was a very intense scene. “

It was an emergency call and he was calling me right away to say ‘we can’t do this.’

The whole studio was shaking and shaking and it was a very intense scene.

There was a huge amount of screaming.

I was on the ground and I had my arm around Craig Ferguson.

I thought I had a broken arm.

The manager went up to him and said ‘what is going on?’

I told him that he was going to have to go to hospital because his hand was hurting.

It was a really, really scary moment.

We did get to see him on the way to hospital.

Craig Ferguson has a fracture to his elbow.

His arm is in a sling.

ABC News: How many hours did Craig Ferguson spend in hospital?

He spent around 10 hours in hospital.

Craig Ferguson had been injured in the fall and is currently receiving treatment in a Melbourne hospital.

The ABC News anchors have a long history of breaking things.

Last year, Craig had a fractured collarbone and was sent home from work.

After that, a broken finger forced Craig to miss a few weeks of work.

In January this year, he had a dislocated shoulder after a fall.

A day later, a damaged foot required him to leave the studio.

When the anchor suffered a broken ankle during a break, he was sent back to work.

The latest incident came just weeks after Craig was sent to hospital after he was injured by a fallen tree.

While he was in hospital, the ABC News website crashed and was left without news content.

What do you think about the Olympics opening ceremony?

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Trump’s foreign policy team: He’ll take the U.S. out of the Middle East

President Donald Trump’s new foreign policy advisers are calling for the United States to be more assertive in the region.

Their statement comes as Trump’s team is preparing to make an announcement in the coming days on the future of the U,S.

presence in the Middle Eastern region.

The statement comes hours after the White House announced Trump is moving forward with plans to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, the United Nations-backed accord that aims to curb global warming.

Trump’s foreign secretary, Rex Tillerson, has also been a staunch supporter of the Paris Agreement, saying he “strongly believes that we should be in the Paris agreement.”

Trump’s decision to withdraw the U from the agreement was met with criticism from Democrats and human rights groups, who said it would undermine international efforts to combat climate change.

Trump has repeatedly said the U will be in favor of a future deal, but that he won’t make a decision on the deal until after the election.