‘I’ve been on an extended hiatus’: ‘My wife is sick’

The Washington Times has reported that Carrie Fisher is experiencing symptoms of Lyme disease and is “experiencing a host of symptoms.”

The newspaper, citing a source close to Fisher, reported that the actress “was diagnosed in early March.”

“Fisher is currently in a temporary hotel room and is being treated for a prolonged illness that has led to the onset of some of her symptoms,” the Times reported.

“Her husband, John Williams, told The Associated Press in a statement that Fisher was not well enough to travel with him to the Hollywood premiere of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ on Sunday night.

‘We are devastated by Carrie’s illness, and our hearts go out to her and her family.

She will always be our daughter,’ Williams said in a written statement.

‘Her work on the film and television series ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ is so important to us that we will be forever grateful for the opportunities she has given us.’

Fisher’s mother, Nancy Fisher, told the Times that her daughter had a severe reaction to the vaccine and was in a hotel room “for several days,” “for reasons we do not yet know.”

The actress is currently filming her new film, “The Force Awakens,” but the first trailer for the movie’s upcoming release did not feature her.

The film is set to premiere March 8.

Fisher is survived by her son, actor Anthony Daniels, and a daughter, actress Carrie Fisher.

Carrie Fisher died in May 2016 at age 59.

Her husband, director John Williams wrote in a farewell note that “the world is in need of her soul.”

The family has asked that no public comments be made, but a statement read in part: Carrie Fisher and I loved you all very much.

Our love for each other was infectious and unshakeable.

We were blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people, including my wonderful wife, my children and their children, the many talented and gifted people who helped us along the way.

We would also like to say that we are grateful to everyone who has supported us during this difficult time.

Carrie’s death came less than two weeks after her daughter, Star Wars: Episode IX actress Daisy Ridley, died of brain cancer.

Ridley had been diagnosed with the illness in December.

What’s going on in the chatroom?

The video, released by Google on Wednesday, shows a group of men talking about the new emoji, a move that Google said was meant to bring “a new level of intimacy and fun to online interactions.”

The emoji, which is a stylized version of the word “friend,” is a play on the word friends, a term used in online dating and a favorite in the gay community.

Google said the emoji are not intended to be sexual, but “to make sure everyone’s experience is safe, authentic and authentic enough to keep them connected with each other in ways that they’ve never experienced before.”

The video, titled “What’s going for emoji?,” also shows the men’s faces as they talk about their interactions with people in the emoji, and how they use them.

It also shows what emoji they use for phone calls, and what emoji emoji they make in their chats.

A Google spokesman said the company has been testing the emoji for a year and is “looking for ways to add more.”

“The team is making a lot of progress with these new emoji so that we can give everyone an even better experience on the web,” said Google spokeswoman Erin Giese.

Google plans to expand the use of the emoji with new emoji in 2018.