When I die, you will be my only friend

The Lad is an old book that tells stories in an alternate universe.

It’s been around for centuries, and it’s a kind of legend in itself.

It tells stories from the perspective of the dead, or of the living.

It’s a tale of hope and tragedy, of survival and death, of love and hatred.

It is, after all, about the human condition.

But the book is also about what happens when you stop trying to help the living, the ones who are not the ones you think you are.

It’s about what is real.

It is about what can happen when we don’t try to help them.

And it is about the ways that a life in the world of the deceased can change and deteriorate over time.

Lad, the story goes, was a young man who was looking for a purpose in life.

The old gods had abandoned him, he was afraid, and he was looking in vain for a place to call home.

The Lad was not looking for anyone to tell him stories.

He was looking to go back to the place where he had been born, and where he belonged.

So he took a journey to the realm of the dying.

He walked through the halls of the city of the same name, where he saw what he believed to be his final destination.

There, the Lad found a woman with a very simple life.

She had no children, no friends, and no one to speak of.

She was a lonely, lonely woman.

And she was looking at him, smiling, saying, This is the end.

And the Lad walked away from her and the next morning he went to the city, alone.

The Lad’s first day in his new home was filled with anxiety.

He walked the streets alone, and his new companions would always find him there, talking to people he did not recognize, or being rude to people who did.

It was almost like a kind or a cold feeling was growing in him.

The next day, he would be walking to the door of a tavern, a place where people would pay him to come in and sit down.

He would ask them to buy him a drink, and when they asked for money, he’d say, You have no money, you can’t buy me anything.

And then he’d go back inside and buy himself some bread.

Then, he decided to make his home here.

It seemed so simple.

There were no distractions, he could just go home and sleep and be himself.

But then, the next day he started to notice something was not quite right.

The tavern would be empty, and people would be standing outside.

They would be staring at him.

And when he looked around, he noticed that the place had become more and more lonely.

People were looking at the Lad.

They were whispering to him.

They weren’t paying him.

And when the Lad went inside and sat down to sleep, he found that he was being followed.

The strangers who had been staring at the lad, the stares, the whispers, the glances that were following him.

And so the Lad took the step he never took before.

He stood up and left the tavern, and from that day on, the strangers who came to him were always following him, never paying him any attention.

The Lad became a lonely man.

For the next few months, the stranger followed him.

The stranger was a man, a man who had always been attracted to the Lad, who would stare at him with wide eyes and make strange noises.

It didn’t take long for the stranger to notice that the Lad was different.

And the stranger knew what that difference was.

The stranger was attracted to that Lad.

He loved the Lad more than anyone in the city.

And he was attracted.

The man was attracted, and now the stranger had an even more powerful and dangerous attraction.

The Stranger took the Lad and the strangers into his home.

He made them his own.

The Stranger became the Lad’s most devoted friend.

They became his only friends.

The men and women of the Lad became his family.

The woman who had once been the Lad had now become his wife.

And for the next six years, the woman who was once the Lad grew into a woman who looked like the Lad now, and who was also attracted to him, and even attracted to a little bit of his old friend.

And as a result, the man who once looked like he wanted to become the Lad would become the man he had always wanted to be.

The story is full of details.

The strangest of all is the one that is usually left out.

The story doesn’t tell us what happened to the man after the story was written.

It doesn’t say anything about what happened after the Lad wrote it.

But there is one thing that is left out of the story.

That is the part where the Lad says that he loves