Canada’s jobs situation in flux

The Globe and Mail title Alberta jobs market in limbo article Alberta’s jobs market is in flux, with the province’s unemployment rate hovering around 4 per cent, but the province is facing a growing number of job losses due to automation.

The number of jobs in the province fell by 10,000 in September from a year earlier.

The province also reported its biggest drop in jobs since the recession began in 2008.

Alberta’s unemployment was 4.2 per cent in September, down from 4.7 per cent a year ago.

Employment in Alberta’s mining sector also suffered from automation.

The sector is responsible for nearly one-third of the province`s mining output.

Google’s ‘google search’ feature could be on sale soon – Forbes

Business Insider Google’s “google search” feature is now available in its search results, with developers and analysts claiming it will soon be available in the App Store.

Google’s app-launching feature is available in “the Google Play Store,” a section of the Google app store that is “designed specifically for Google products and services.”

It includes the search function, a built-in “Google Search” widget, and a pop-up that shows up the search results when you hover your mouse over the search bar.

Developers have been making and selling Google search apps for a few years, and Google’s first app was available in 2015.

It was updated in 2016 with a new UI, more search options, and expanded support for mobile devices.

Now that Google’s search app is finally available in Google Play, developers can make and sell apps that incorporate Google search functions.

Developers can make an app that adds “Google search” functionality to the end of a search query or even use Google’s API to build a new search app that uses Google’s APIs to search for information.

The app must use Google APIs to fetch the results, and it must be in the Google Play store.

This is the first time developers can include Google search in their apps and Google is making it available for free.

Developers that are not affiliated with Google or its products can sell Google search-based apps that use Google search functionality in their own apps.

The app-launch feature will be available for a small number of Google Search apps, but it will likely be more popular than it is today, said Google developer Matt O’Neill in a post on the Google developer forums.

O’Neil said he was able to add the feature to his app, “because the Google search API has been working flawlessly on the platform for over six months now, and now is a great time to release an official Google search app.”

Google has already started to integrate the Google Search functionality into other Google products.

For example, the search interface in Google Search for Gmail has been redesigned to include the Google keyword search feature.

Google has also made it possible for developers to create search-optimized apps for iOS devices.

Apps that use the Google API can use Google Search to search the web, Google Maps, or Google News, and users can see the search suggestions in the search boxes.

Google says that the Google Google search experience will be “experimental,” but it is still a very viable option for developers.

What the experts are saying about ‘MVC 5’

By LENNY KELLEYWASHINGTON (AP) Microsoft Corp. said Friday it will release its next version of its popular Visual Studio development tool as the technology improves in coming months and a broader range of new software is expected to make it easier to deploy.

In a blog post, the company said the next version will add support for “mixed architectures,” a common feature of Microsoft’s software that lets developers build software that runs on a variety of different platforms, including Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

The feature will also enable developers to create apps for iOS, Android and the web, the blog said.

The company said that version will come with an updated debugger and “new tools for developers to deploy their apps and apps to other platforms.

The new features will allow developers to easily develop applications that run on the Web, mobile and other platforms and run on all supported Windows platforms.”

Microsoft will also make it easy to share files between Microsoft and its own servers, and the company will begin supporting its own “Cloud” storage service, the latest version of which is expected in late 2019, the post said.

Microsoft said it will provide more details on the new software at a conference in the coming weeks.

Microsoft has been working on a new version of Visual Studio, known as Visual Studio 2017, for more than a decade.

It has been a long-term project, as it is used in the Office suite of products, the Windows operating system and the Office web browser.

Microsoft has made the Visual Studio software a focus of its efforts to make its products more widely available to developers and customers.