How to download the GTA 5 Data from GTA 5 to DataJunkie

DataJunkyie is a free and open source tool that provides access to GTA 5 data from GTA5.

If you are an ex-player of GTA 5 and you want to save your hard earned money, then this is the best tool you can use.

Download the data from this GTA 5 GTA 5 dataset, then drag the data into your favourite text editor and edit it.

You can then import the data back into your game.

This is the ultimate way to get GTA 5, as it can save you thousands of dollars.

If there is anything that I should add, please let me know.


Get GTA 5Data2.

Get the GTA5Data2Data.exe3.

Drag the data to your desktop.4.

Click the Edit button and select Save.

The data will then be imported into DataJunker.


Save the file, and close DataJungle.