Trump, McCain rally crowds on fire after fire engulfs their rally

A fire engulfed a Trump rally in Tennessee on Saturday night, leaving dozens of people injured and two police officers injured, authorities said.

Tennessee State Police said in a statement that an officer and a state trooper suffered smoke inhalation and minor injuries after being struck by debris.

“Fire engulfed the rally venue and several people were injured,” Tennessee State Highway Patrol Capt. Brian Jones said in the statement.

The Tennessee State Capitol was closed and the Tennessee Highway Patrol had the fire under control by the time the fire was contained.

The incident happened as hundreds of Trump supporters, some carrying signs that said “Fire” and “Stand Up,” were expected to rally at the site of the rally in nearby Pikeville, a predominantly white area of the state, which has been at the center of a presidential campaign for decades.

Tennessee Gov.

Bill Haslam ordered a state of emergency for the state as a precaution.

Jones said that the state fire marshal’s office would provide additional resources to assist the Tennessee Fire Marshal’s Office.

A video posted on social media shows the crowd, some wearing masks and masks covering their faces, running from the burning building.

The crowd then appears to start walking toward a large white flagpole that has been damaged by the fire.

After the crowd reaches the pole, a white fireman can be seen pushing a stretcher from the building.

A person then runs out of the building, shouting “Get me the ambulance!” before the ambulance arrives.

Trump, who is the Republican nominee for president, had earlier urged supporters to remain at home after the fire occurred.

“I hope we can do better than this,” Trump said at a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Earlier Saturday, Trump also condemned a tweet from a former staffer that suggested a conspiracy against him.

In the tweet, the former staffer, Joe Schmitz, said the President was planning to be assassinated.

The tweet was quickly deleted, but a copy of it was published by the Washington Post.

Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Schmitz’s tweet came after a series of tweets by Trump over the weekend, which were filled with inflammatory comments about race and violence in the United States.

I would like to personally apologize to @SenTedCruz for the tweet I wrote the other day, which included racist and inflammatory comments that I deeply regret.

We are moving forward as one united people.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 18, 2020 On Saturday, he tweeted: “This is why we need unity in America.”

The Twitter user in question, who went by the handle @POTUS_John, told The Associated Press that he was a former Republican National Committee staffer who worked for Trump in the 1980s and 1990s.

His account was suspended for three hours Saturday.

An employee at a local McDonalds franchise said that he heard the commotion and saw flames coming from a nearby building.

Pizza Hut employee Andrew Hahn, who was sitting near the restaurant, told AP that he didn’t see any flames but saw smoke billowing from a window.

He said he had not seen any smoke or flames but said the restaurant was mostly empty and people were leaving the restaurant.

At a news conference, Haslam called the fire “a major disaster” and said that a full investigation was underway.

As the crowd was leaving the building at around 11 p.m., he said: “I am not sure how we’re going to move forward from here.”

“We’re going through this together,” Haslam said.

Hours later, Trump tweeted a picture of the injured troopers with a caption that said: #SOTU, @SenRandPaul & @SenBob Corker were injured in the incident.

Our prayers are with all those injured.

We will be fully transparent and transparently reporting all our facts, and getting our people the answers they need.

— Don McPhee (@DonMcPhee) November 20, 2020

More Google’s Google Glasses may soon be on the market

More Google Glass glasses might be coming soon to the US, after the US Department of Defense said it was investigating Google’s wearable computer.

The DOD’s Defense Science Board (DSB) issued a report on Friday saying it was looking into whether the Google Glass could be a potential weapon against improvised explosive devices.

The agency said the Google wearable computer could help in the detection of improvised explosive device (IED) attacks, and that it could help “combat the proliferation of IEDs in the United States.”

It also said Google Glass “could help reduce the impact of IODs and their associated costs.”

The report, which was first reported by TechCrunch, did not specify what sort of devices it was referring to.

However, earlier reports suggested that Google Glass may have been designed to detect roadside bombs and roadside bombs in the US.

However, the Pentagon did not name the country or other countries it was studying.

It was not clear if the Pentagon was seeking to develop a weapon against IED threats or to prevent IED attacks.

The report comes a day after Google announced that its Glasses would be coming to US military forces in a number of ways, including as “smart eyewear.”

The US Defense Department is also investigating the safety and efficacy of Google Glass, which is expected to be sold in the next few months.

What are firefox’s bugs?

The first Firefox version is a good candidate for bugs, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll solve every one of them.

There are also bugs in some older versions that can be easily patched.

You’ll find many of these bugs in the bug tracker, though.

Here’s a look at a few.


When you add a bookmark to a bookmarklist, Firefox won’t let you add more.


When clicking on an item, Firefox’s titlebar does not show.


Firefox’s “Show Info” button will hide if it’s not already showing.


When Firefox tries to use the browser tab you have open, it will sometimes not load properly.


Firefox sometimes tries to open a file that you’ve closed and not save it. 6.

The “Add a bookmark” button on the toolbar is sometimes inaccessible.


When adding a new bookmark to the Firefox tab, Firefox sometimes hangs.


When opening a new tab in Firefox, it sometimes crashes.


When launching an extension in Firefox’s extensions menu, the extension sometimes crashes when it tries to load.


When dragging and dropping files into Firefox’s document mode, it won’t load.


Firefox crashes when you enter a URL into the address bar.


When using Firefox in the background, the browser can sometimes freeze.


Firefox occasionally hangs when you try to open the addressbar.


Firefox often hangs when Firefox is on the screen.


Firefox keeps asking you if you want to continue browsing the site.


Firefox hangs when the “Open In…” option is set to “on.”


Firefox can sometimes crash when trying to open an extension.


Firefox stops working after you’ve clicked the “Delete” button.


Firefox refuses to close when you drag a page.


Firefox freezes when you press the home button.


Firefox has some strange behaviour when you select an “extension” with the mouse wheel.


Firefox will sometimes crash on startup if you use the same filetype over and over again.


Firefox might crash when you open a document with an image.


Firefox is sometimes not able to read files that have a large number of tags, such as pictures and documents.


Firefox frequently hangs when using the “Save As…” button.


Firefox always displays a warning message when you close a tab.


Firefox doesn’t seem to be able to save or restore files that were opened with a “Save” button in the toolbar.


Firefox fails to open files that you open with the “File” menu option.


Firefox won´t open files if you type “open” in the address field.


Firefox tries very hard to use all available memory, even if it has little or no available free space.


Firefox makes a lot of noise when you hover your mouse over the keyboard, but it often stops working.


Firefox may sometimes crash or sometimes crash and crash and quit unexpectedly.


Firefox isn’t always able to open URLs with the search bar.


Firefox closes the “Back” menu if you close the tab it’s open in. 35.

Firefox displays an “Open With…” pop-up dialog that isn’t what it appears to be. 36.

Firefox says you’ve used up a lot memory when it says your browser has used up too much memory.


Firefox incorrectly reports that you can’t open an open file.


Firefox randomly stops working if you open an image in Firefox.


Firefox loses its ability to open web pages that are hidden.


Firefox uses more CPU power than it should.


Firefox behaves incorrectly when you click a bookmark.


Firefox seems to make more noise when it’s using memory than when it needs it. 43.

Firefox could crash when running on a small screen or when the browser crashes.


Firefox never crashes when trying the “Close All” option in the “Exit” menu.


Firefox starts using more RAM than it needs.


Firefox runs slower when you’re using memory that has been used up. 47.

Firefox constantly tries to connect to your network as much as it can.


Firefox sends a cookie to the internet every time you open it, but doesn’t send any more.


Firefox thinks you’ve changed the “location” of the site you’re visiting, but in fact it’s just a bookmark you’re viewing.


Firefox opens a file named “javascript.js” and doesn’t close it. 51.

Firefox pauses to let you type something.


Firefox gets stuck in a “memory leak” when you add the file you want.


Firefox lets you select multiple “extensions” in its preferences, but not all of them are installed.


Firefox automatically opens tabs with extensions installed but doesn´t show them in the browser’s window.


Firefox allows you to edit the way