‘Dogs, cats and cats’: How to keep your dog safe from cats and dogs

The cat is the dog’s favorite companion, and cats and dog have become friends.

But for some people, cats have a strange way of bringing the relationship to an end.

For some people with chronic anxiety, pets and their owners can seem like a strange combination.

“If you have chronic anxiety and have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, it’s likely that your dog and cat will become friends,” says Sarah Wurzer, RD, a veterinary psychologist and the owner of Dog & Cat Care in West Hollywood, California.

Wurzer says cats are particularly appealing because of their affectionate personalities, which can create an environment where anxiety can be minimized.

“When they come into your home, they are very playful, they will not bite or bite out of the corners of their mouths,” Wurler says.

“They will simply run around and get out of their cages, and they will jump into the water and try to swim to their owners.”

She adds that a cat’s affectionate nature also can contribute to anxiety in some people.

“Cats can be very protective of their owners, and if they don’t feel safe in your home they may run away and hide,” she says.

And in the worst-case scenario, Wurker says cats and their handlers can become aggressive.

“If your cat has anxiety and you’re feeling anxious, they may start to attack,” she explains.

“And you may feel like your dog is going to be hurt or your cat is going a bad way, and your dog may become aggressive with the owner or the cat.”

Worzer advises avoiding situations where pets can be aggressive. 

“When your dog goes outside and your cat comes into the house, it should be the last time you have to interact with your dog,” she advises.

But she cautions that if your dog or cat isn’t being affectionate enough, there are ways to minimize the stress on the relationship.

“Try to avoid going out with your cat or your dog unless you are comfortable and comfortable with your own dog,” Wurtzer says. 

So if you’re having an anxious dog, and the cat is getting in your way, you can try the following:Do your best to keep cats and pets apart, especially at times when they seem to be going at it.

If you can, try to avoid social gatherings with cats and/or dogs, Wurtz says.

Wurtzer recommends that you talk with your veterinarian about getting rid of your pet’s behavior, but you can also try getting rid a pet by removing it from your home.

“If you can do that safely, then you’re not going to end up with a dog or a cat in your life,” she adds.

“It’s really important that you know when you’re dealing with anxiety and that you’re willing to listen to your dog.”