More Google’s Google Glasses may soon be on the market

More Google Glass glasses might be coming soon to the US, after the US Department of Defense said it was investigating Google’s wearable computer.

The DOD’s Defense Science Board (DSB) issued a report on Friday saying it was looking into whether the Google Glass could be a potential weapon against improvised explosive devices.

The agency said the Google wearable computer could help in the detection of improvised explosive device (IED) attacks, and that it could help “combat the proliferation of IEDs in the United States.”

It also said Google Glass “could help reduce the impact of IODs and their associated costs.”

The report, which was first reported by TechCrunch, did not specify what sort of devices it was referring to.

However, earlier reports suggested that Google Glass may have been designed to detect roadside bombs and roadside bombs in the US.

However, the Pentagon did not name the country or other countries it was studying.

It was not clear if the Pentagon was seeking to develop a weapon against IED threats or to prevent IED attacks.

The report comes a day after Google announced that its Glasses would be coming to US military forces in a number of ways, including as “smart eyewear.”

The US Defense Department is also investigating the safety and efficacy of Google Glass, which is expected to be sold in the next few months.

When Google is no longer Google, why we’re still trying to learn

Google will likely shut down the popular Coursera course this fall.

That is according to Courseratoday, a company that provides courses on topics ranging from coding to medical technology.

The Courserate platform is a major player in the high-tech world, with more than 500 million students enrolled.

Courseray was founded by a group of students from Harvard University and is based in Cambridge, Mass.

The company had raised $1.5 billion in funding and was valued at $3 billion.

The program has been widely praised by tech experts.

“It’s a wonderful platform for people who want to learn and really do have the time and resources to take care of themselves, who want a bit of an intellectual boost to go along with it,” said Chris Blythe, a professor at Harvard Business School who runs a startup that offers courses in engineering and computer science.

“But when they have that, and there are the real benefits, and when there are real opportunities, there are many times when I don’t think you need to be Google to get into that,” he said.

Cours erode Google’s ability to recruit the top graduates, and Google’s biggest rivals have been Microsoft and Apple.

It also threatens to undercut the Google education business, which competes with some of the country’s top universities.

Microsoft is the world’s biggest software maker, with $7.7 trillion in revenue last year.

Apple is the biggest technology company in the United States, with an estimated $1 trillion in annual revenue.

Courses are the brainchild of Google’s founder and CEO Larry Page.

The platform has long offered courses on a range of topics, from coding and mathematics to physics and medicine.

Coursers online offerings are often built around a computer, allowing students to complete their studies with no outside help.

The content varies from one course to the next, and the courses are constantly updated.

The new model will require the creation of a new app and a new interface for the online courses, according to an official announcement from Courserates developers.

Courseers’ course content will also be updated regularly.

Courssource, the online platform owned by Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has already announced it will shut down in September.

Coursellor, which is a competitor to Cours, has about 4 million students.

The changes come as Google has lost the war to Microsoft and the Apple Watch.

The Google acquisition of Courseracy came at a time when the company was facing growing competition from Apple and other big tech companies.

Google is also struggling to grow its presence in high-school classrooms.

In the last quarter of 2016, it reported a decrease in enrollment in its high schools, as well as an increase in its enrollment in college.

The fall semester is the first time that Google is focusing on more broadly in its educational offerings.

Google’s educational programs have had a rocky start to the year.

In October, the company said it had suspended a program that offered courses in physics and math to students who did not have the computer science required to graduate.

Courscorates was later rebranded Courseras and closed down the courseware program.

The shutdown also led to a backlash against the company from high-ranking officials at the Education Department.

“We have a number of initiatives underway to bring more students online and help them succeed,” Assistant Secretary for Education Lisa B. Patterson said in a statement at the time.

The Education Department announced its decision to shut down Courseratives in November.

Coursites had been a popular source of information about courses for students, according a review by The Washington Post.

Coursite was a searchable course library that users could search by topic or instructor.

Courspot, a competitor, has similar features.

CoursiTeach, a new initiative from Google that launched last week, is also focused on online learning.

Courteats will be accessible through Google’s own search engine and the company will integrate Cours into Google Maps.

The initiative was designed to expand Google’s reach into a more traditional education marketplace.

“Our vision is to bring the world of education to everyone, but most of all, to the world that has a computer,” Google said in its announcement.

“I think that this will be the biggest disruption of education in our lifetimes.”

How to keep your head in the game

What we’ve learned about the most important aspects of football.

The Football Manager series has become something of a cottage industry, with football fans constantly looking for a quick fix.

But what are the key takeaways from this year’s edition of The Football Manager?


No-one likes to lose Everton were beaten at home by Manchester United in the Premier League last week.

That’s not good enough to see them drop out of the title race, even if they do end up winning it.

But that’s not the end of the world, as it’s hard to blame the Blues for not making a move for Antonio Conte’s squad.

There are no easy wins to make in football and you need to make your own luck.

There were a couple of great goals from Antonio Concozes side in this game, with Lukas Podolski scoring the opener and Lukas Mertens setting up Romelu Lukaku for his fourth goal of the season. 

It was an excellent display from the Blues in the league and they have been in the top half of the table for a couple weeks now, so it’s fair to say that the players have been getting plenty of game time.2.

It’s not a one-off story Manchester United’s defeat to Arsenal on Sunday wasn’t a surprise for me.

The Red Devils were a side I was a bit worried about coming into the season, but they’ve managed to hold onto their top spot in the table.

Their recent form has been nothing short of impressive, and they were in front at half-time and then they dominated the game throughout.

This was their first defeat of the campaign, but their form has really come around, and it’s not just their defensive form that’s helped them stay up in the standings.

They’re playing at a higher tempo, with fewer passes, and their midfield have been able to make more passes and build on their first half dominance.3.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

It was always going to be tough to win the Premier Leagues title this season, and I’m not expecting it to be easy.

But I’m convinced that Manchester United will come away with the trophy, with the help of some very talented players. 

The signing of Antonio Conca, Romel Ulloa, Matteo Darmian and Daley Blind has helped to bolster their midfield and their attack, which is always going be important for any team looking to challenge for the title. 

Daley Blind was a revelation last season, scoring 18 goals in 30 games and proving that he can play anywhere in midfield.

He has also helped the midfield with his versatility, playing as a number 10, as well as a defensive midfielder. 

A lot of managers would have been tempted to go after the likes of Christian Benteke and Robin van Persie, but those three have played fewer minutes and scored fewer goals this season.4.

Don’t be scared of the big teams…

The title is just around the corner, so don’t be afraid to get a little cocky, but I think the big European sides have a few problems with their team in front of goal. 

United have looked pretty solid in the Europa League and this season’s Europa League play-off final saw them defeat a Real Madrid side that looked very much like a side with a chance to win. 

I think it’s a bit strange for them to beat Manchester City, but the Blues’ form has shown that they are capable of doing so, and if they continue to improve it will be interesting to see what happens against Arsenal in the Champions League. 


It’ll be difficult to win at home, but you can make it work It’s always going of to be difficult when you’re defending against a side like Manchester United, but when they have a good team around them they are tough to beat. 

This season, the Blues have managed to stay in the title picture despite conceding 10 goals in 14 matches.

They’ve won seven of their last eight home games and have won eight of their 11 away games.

That’s a very good record for a team that is already sitting in the middle of the league table.

They have conceded just one goal in their last seven away games, and the way they’ve been playing at home is something that should help them maintain that form.

A win against Manchester United at Old Trafford in the FA Cup final will be the icing on the cake.


No.10 is going to have to do his bit for you if you want to win this season It’s tough to say, but it is always good to see a new signing on the bench, and that’s the case for a new No. 10 for Manchester United. 

Tiago Silva is now in charge of the No. 6 shirt after the Brazilian failed to make a permanent