How to stop the GOP from dismantling the American Dream

Conservatives will not be happy to see the GOP dismantling the Dream Act.

But that’s the point.

Republicans are not going to pass the Dream Acts to make life better for the Dreamers, they’re going to do that because the Dreamer voters want it.

Republicans will not even support the Dream Bill to bring back Dreamers.

They will oppose it to keep the Dream families out of the country.

And they will vote for any measure to keep Dreamers out of their own country.

This is why conservatives are not happy with the Dream Bills.

This will end up as a loss for conservatives and a win for progressives.

It will end with the conservatives of America standing in solidarity with the immigrant community.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that it’s going to cost a lot of money.

There’s a reason why we have a budget crisis.

The budget crisis is because the House of Representatives is a dysfunctional institution.

It has become dysfunctional because the GOP is so dysfunctional.

That means Republicans have to compromise with Democrats to pass a budget.

It means Republicans will have to work with Democrats.

That includes the Dreaming America Act.

The Dream Act would repeal the Dream act, the executive actions and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

It would replace them with the American Opportunity Act.

That would give Dreamers an opportunity to reenter the workforce and become productive citizens of their communities.

It’s a program that was enacted with bipartisan support and it was designed to help millions of Dreamers get back to work and make their families’ lives better.

The American Opportunity act would also provide protections for Dreamers and their families.

It protects them from deportation, from harassment and discrimination, and it ensures that they can apply for jobs in the United States.

It also gives them the right to access health care, and all Americans should have the opportunity to have health care coverage.

These are the basic principles that the Dream Americans and the Dreamed Americas of America have fought for for decades.

The good news is the Dream Americas have a plan.

They’re not going anywhere.

The dreamers and the dreamers are going to keep fighting.

And the Dream people will keep fighting for a better future for their families, for the dreamer community, and for their country.

It is time to stop this disgraceful Republican assault on the Dream People.

And we’re going on a week-long tour to raise the issue in a number of communities, and the results of that will be the outcome of the next election.

This article originally appeared at The American Conservatives.