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Six years ago, the web was dominated by Microsoft and Apple, but today, there’s no doubt that Google has the web on its side.

And as it turns out, the two companies aren’t the only ones who have developed technologies that can keep up with the likes of Facebook, Google, and others.

According to new research, the best way to make sure your site is in fact working on all four fronts is to use the same technologies that are already in place.

The results of this research, published by the Oxford Internet Institute, show that the best strategy for your site’s success depends on which technologies you use.

In other words, if you don’t rely on web standards and standards management systems, you’re not going to have a lot of success.

If you rely on technology like AJAX, HTML5, and CSS3, you’ll have a huge advantage.

While the research doesn’t go into depth about the technologies that really matter in your site, we did find some interesting takeaways from the study.

Most important, though, is that these findings are the latest in a long line of data suggesting that when it comes to the web, the right technology is actually the one that matters.